Introductory Workshops
For Business Agility

Immediate Solutions to key pain points

Short introductory topics on Business Agility that will give team members and leaders the practical skills they need to get immediate benefits in key areas of functioning. Based on the SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF™), and the book Leading Beyond Change.

Leading Beyond Change Book

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Securing Psychological Safety: Improve safety levels so people can perform at their best.

Decisions That Stick: Make better decisions and empower people.

Accelerating Alignment: Learn to detect and overcome the hidden drag in your team/org.

Remote Working Fundamentals: Leverage technology and connection with remote and hybrid working.

Retaining & Attracting Talent: Move beyond the surface to fundamentally support staff.

Duration: Each training is three hours, followed by two one-hour integration sessions.

① Securing Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety is the cornerstone of high performance. The frontal cortex – the seat of our intelligence – only functions at full capacity when people feel that they are safe. We hire smart people, how do we improve the organization to support the brilliance of our people?

Course participants learn how to detect when safety is at risk and the practical steps to improve levels of psychological safety. The focus of this session is immediate and actionable so leaders can support psychological safety and build the environment to create incredible workplaces. Even more importantly, psychological safety forms the basis for achieving diversity and inclusion goals.

Learning Topics

  1. Discover the effects of low safety on cognitive function and performance

  2. Understanding and applying the Psychological Safety Spectrum

  3. Introduction to VAST (Vulnerability, Authentic Connection, Safety, Trust) Model for developing safety and trust

  4. Create short and long term strategies and a culture of psychological safety 

  5. Learn immediate application with practical tools using the SELF™ Framework for increasing safety levels, diversity and inclusion made effortlessly, all lives matter.

Audience: Team members and leaders.

② Decisions That Stick

Due to the complexity of organizations and the people involved, it can be challenging to make effective decisions that stick. Leadership can get caught in a seesaw between making decisions and empowering staff.

Leaders will learn a series of practical tools to elevate their decision-making capability and learn to find a balance between speed, inclusiveness, and development of leaders. This is an important first step for leaders to understand The Paradox of Power: how to wield power effectively and when to create space for others.

Learning Topics

  1. Identifying the signs of ineffective decisions

  2. Applying Decision Cards™ for clarifying authority

  3. Using Advice Process for improved decision quality

  4. Applying Fist-of-Five to make group decisions

  5. Identify the trade-offs between using and sharing power

Audience: Team members and leaders.

③ Accelerating Alignment

Most organizations are significantly challenged with misalignment between organizational groups and levels of management. Higher levels of alignment are a critical success factor to enable the product, strategic and cultural goals of leadership.

The SHIFT314 principle is that Alignment is like Breathing. Success depends on ongoing attention to foster alignment across levels of management and organizational groups. Leaders learn the practical steps to measure and improve alignment levels to unlock progress and success.

Learning Topics

  1. Assessing signs and costs of misalignment

  2. Measuring Alignment using SELF™ tools

  3. Detecting Alignment Traps and overcoming them

  4. Learn Immediate steps to increase alignment with practical application of SELF™Framework tools and techniques

Audience: Team members and leaders.

④ Remote Working Fundamentals

The shift to remote working has taken a significant toll on most organizations: lack of connection, the great resignation, and difficulty exercising control. Both team members and leaders are challenged to find new norms that work well; new skills are needed to thrive.

The focus of this workshop is on how to establish connections as human beings to build the trust and safety needed to get work done. The skills range from remote listening, leveraging technology, and energizing large groups.

Learning Topics

  1. Working with audio and video, tools, platforms, and facilitation

  2. 1:1 connection activities including remote listening skills

  3. Group connection activities include engaging participants

  4. Hybrid remote and in-person work environments

  5. Remote & in-person: balancing organizational and individual needs

Audience: Team members and leaders.

⑤ Retaining & Attracting Talent

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is the difficulty in retaining talent and attracting great talent. It’s not about marketing, it’s about a fundamental shift in supporting staff. While this is a systemic challenge that reflects the overall culture of an organization, it is possible for leaders to create an immediate shift with their teams and groups.

The starting place is an honest recognition of where the group stands. From there, leaders will learn the fundamentals of addressing basic needs to unlock the potential of current talent. Included is how to leverage the existing talent to attract new talent.

Learning Topics

  1. Assessing the level of talent “attractiveness” and its impact

  2. Retaining talent as the foundation of attracting talent

  3. Establishing basic talent needs and unlocking the Employee Motivation Model

  4. Balancing Delivery to People Development

  5. Mitigating external organizational environment challenges

Audience: Executives, Managers, and informal leaders.

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