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The SHIFT3.14 Evolutionary
Leadership FrameworkTM

Delivering Scalable Success Through People

It’s about the inner shift needed to unlock the practical skills and techniques. We introduce the SHIFT3.14 Evolutionary Leadership FrameworkTM (SELF) that provides a comprehensive system for navigating culture, leadership, and organizational change.

A Plugable Framework:
Leverage Your Existing Investment

The SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership FrameworkTM (SELF)

The SELF™ is the unique IP design of SHIFT314. The SELF is designed to plug into all frameworks that support new ways of working. To lead an evolution one requires skills that go beyond the extraordinary. Because it turns out, people are the key to unlocking the benefits of Agile, Lean, Digital, SaFe, etc. And people create success in any organization.
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The SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework<sup>TM</sup> (SELF)
DigitalEvolve DNALeadership: (Evolutionary Leadership)Culture: (Psychological safety)Tactics: (Human Potential)Strategy: (Navigate Complexity)New Ways of WorkingAgileLeanMapsToolsPrinciplesModels


Digital is an approach used by organizations to move from traditional ways of working to online digital solutions and products. While it seems like this is a simple shift in the tools and technologies people use, success with digital requires a shift in how people see themselves and the systems they use. The SELF™ framework offers a people-centric approach to change. One that brings people along the Digital journey.

A shift to Digital is not just about tactics and strategy. It’s about evolving the organizational DNA to one that is more flexible and adaptable. And that requires an integrated approach that also includes culture and leadership.

Evolve DNA

Evolve DNA
Your organization is a complex, evolving system. We use the term “Organizational DNA” to capture the current complex multi-dimensional state of your organizational system. You need to know where you are before you can be successful with change efforts. The SELF™ framework gives you the maps, models, and tools needed to assess the stage of evolution of your organizational DNA. It then provides practical guidance on how to effectively evolve your system.

The beauty of the SELF framework is that it is applicable at all levels and scopes of organizational functioning: teams, departments, groups, and whole organizational systems. It gives the power to use the right approach in the right context thereby unlocking profound and lasting change.

Leadership: (Evolutionary Leadership)

Leadership: (Evolutionary Leadership)
The SELF™ Creates Evolutionary Leaders: The ability to lead an organization is paramount to any transformation. Creating leaders at all levels takes extraordinary leadership. Leaders who lead impact and influence high performance are Evolutionary Leaders. Develop the skill to lead new ways of working, facilitate collaboration, create equal voice and harness inner psychological safety to harness a culture of psychological safety.

The SELF system uses the  SHIFT314 Technology of Consciousness. Master mindset and shift your consciousness to be the change. We use our unique IP; Emotional Science, The Academy of Leadership Mastery, Leading Beyond Change and our newest series Codebreaking Agile™.

We are the real deal, go beyond extraordinary with tools and techniques that have been specifically developed to give you profound results.

Culture: (Psychological safety)

Culture: (Psychological safety)
The SELF™ Puts a culture of Psychological Safety at the cornerstone of our playbook. Culture is not delegatable and is modeled by leadership behaviour. Culture is the wobbly thing that no one can put their finger on, yet it eats tactics and strategy for breakfast. We have hacked the culture trap and train you on techniques to quickly shift your organization to create an awesome culture. This is not your grandfather's organization, business as usual equals low performance.

It's not a culture program- it's the “How we show up around here”- the day to day way people interact with each other. It's the  “How people show up in a crisis”.... this is the real culture of your organization.

Tactics: (Human Potential)

Tactics: (Human Potential)
Learn the tactics and the tools that are aligned with developing human potential. Traditional command and control is dissolved for new ways of working to flourish. Evolutionary Leadership and Tactics allow everyone to show up as the best version of themselves to create a high performance organization.

The SELF system also integrates with your already existing tactics. No need to change structures until your organization is ready. Everyone wants to be successful, give them the ability to be brilliant. Remove the resistance to change and evolve into a Theory Y organization.

Strategy: (Navigate Complexity)

Strategy: (Navigate Complexity)
The SELF system gives you the tools, techniques and awareness needed to navigate uncertainty. With maps, models, principles and tools to show you where you are and where you need to go. Lead your organization with confidence and certainty, because change is the only thing that is predictable.

Navigating Complexity is much talked about, yet the truth is, it is more elusive to give to someone. The ability to ride the complex waves of a VUCA world is best looked at through the lens of an internal state. How comfortable are you with uncertainty? Do you have the inner stillness or psychological safety needed to navigate uncertainty?

New Ways of Working

New Ways of Working
The SELF™ gives your organization a way to scale excellence with people, it is the secret fuel to amplify the investment of any framework. The SELF system provides the approach needed, the leadership required and the tools and techniques to get you flowing successfully and on your way to high performance.

New ways of working require a different approach to everything. Organizations that mandate new ways of working will not receive the benefits or the results they are hoping for. Collaboration, employee engagement, culture, metrics, decision making, leaders at all levels and new processes are all part of an evolutionary organization. Traditional approaches will not work.

We say “ A New Way of Being Enables a New Way of Working”


The SELF™ system was designed to get Agile working. We come from an Agile background, with years of experience. Unlock the promise of Agile with an evolutionary approach to change. People over process, navigating complexity, new roles, new rules these are all talking about a very different way of working. A traditional approach wont work, command and control wont work.

People are speaking of an Agile mindset, yet what is that? And do you know how to get it? An evolutionary training is required for an evolutionary approach to an evolutionary organization.


The common trap that people and organizations fall into with Lean is by thinking of it as a set of tools and practices to eliminate waste and enable productivity of value streams to deliver customer outcomes. Even those who understand Lean is about a shift in mindset do not have adequate tools to understand and shape the needed shift.

The SELF™ framework gives leaders the tools needed to understand the current evolutionary stage of an organization and the next steps to make the shift needed to evolve the DNA of the organization where it can fully benefit from Lean approaches. The SELF is the layer that sits below your Lean Transformation program. The broader, integrated view of Culture and Leadership unlock the strategy and tactics needed to implement Lean effectively.


Maps IconMaps
Visual infographics that tell you how to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

Below is an example of a SHIFT314 Map that shows that leadership evolution is the most rapid and direct means of organizational evolution.

Map: The Evolution of High Performance

Map: The Evolution of High Performance


Tools IconTools
A specific practice or technique that you can use to improve results.

Below is an example of a SHIFT314 Tool to support better, more effective collaboration and decision-making strategies.

SHIFT314 Decision CardsTM

Tool: Decision Cards
Start Using Today →


Principles IconPrinciples
Principles guide effective evolution by explaining what to do or by linking cause and effect.

Below is an example of the SHIFT314 Principle that explores the need for fundamental change at all levels of the organization.

Principle: Organizational Evolution follows Personal Evolution

Principles: Organizational Evolution


Models IconModels
Analytical models that you can use to collect data and perform analysis. A frame for viewing and understanding the world around you.

Below is an example of a SHIFT314 Model that helps us to understand how we perceive and act with a situation.

Evolutionary Mindset

Models: Evolutionary Mindset

The SELF™ is the unique IP design of SHIFT314. The SELF is designed to plug into all frameworks that support new ways of working. To lead an evolution one requires skills that go beyond the extraordinary. Because it turns out, people are the key to unlocking the benefits of Agile, Lean, Digital, SaFe, etc. And people create success in any organization.

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The SELF Framework operates at the layer
beneath your existing approach.

SELF: Key Elements

From Traditional to
Evolutionary Organization

The SELF fuels the evolution of your organization. It’s an “Un-Framework” and a roadmap for a successful journey. Moving your entire organization with scaled frameworks is only as successful as the people who use them. The approach to these frameworks needs to be as unique as your organizational DNA. The SELFTM Framework gives you the maps, models, principles, and tools to discover the Where, When, and “How” to approach change will bring the desired results.


Scaling Excellence
with People

The journey of your organization, from traditional (business as usual) ways of working to Evolutionary ways of working depends on people. People are your most valuable resource because they are the ones who create high performance. The SELF teaches “How To” end resistance to change and grow motivated, engaged, healthy people who are the lifeline and the heart of your organization.


Retiring Servant
Leadership & Introducing
Evolutionary Leadership

An Evolutionary approach to change requires Evolutionary Leadership. These are leaders at all levels who show up in extraordinary ways to impact, influence, and lead new ways of working. The SELF develops evolutionary leaders, those who can harness the capability to evolve themselves, others, and the organization at scale.

How It Works

Transform any Organization
into a Sustainable High

The Shift Evolutionary Leadership Framework, SELFTM, is an integrated system for organizational transformation that has the ability to deliver extraordinary results in the complex world of business and personal leadership. It is a system of maps, models, principles, and tools that evolve performance.

Technology of Consciousness

The Power of Consciousness meets Leadership & Business

We developed a unique approach with techniques and tools that make up the Evolve2B Technology of Consciousness. This technology comes from ancient practices, modern psychology, mixed with personal experience of deep evolutionary growth. Commit to something extraordinary and awaken your full potential as a leader.

Unconventional Approach

Unlock the Unseen Layer Beneath Fixed Frameworks

Business as Usual = Low Performance. SELF will help you realize the full benefits (ROI) of new ways of working. Rethink your approach to Change, Leadership, and Problem Solving with a system that puts you back in control of results. Warning: this is not for everyone — only those who want to unlearn and think outside the box.


Accelerate High Performance

The SELF Playbook can decode any system to unlock high performance. A step-by-step guide for “How To” listen to a system and know the right moves to make, at the right time. Where are you in the SELF Playbook? Reduce resistance, increase performance and lead change. The SELF integrates all the maps, models, principles and tools into the SELF Playbook to evolve your organization.

50 Business Patterns for unlocking high performance.
Get the step-by-step guide to diagnose where you are across key dimensions of organizational functioning. And identify the tools and models needed to support rapid evolution.

Leading Evolutionary Organizations (LEO1)
Learn the key elements of the SELF needed to unlock your organization.

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