1. Agile Software Development has gone mainstream and is considered industry best-practice.
  2. Many companies are getting substantial benefits from Agile, but it’s not a silver bullet. VersionOne Survey.
  3. The main benefits from Agile come from its mindset/culture of collaboration and learning.
  4. Agile culture is incompatible with most organizations.
  5. Two main paths to success.
  6. One: limit Agile practices to those that fit your organizational culture. Small effort, small benefit. Tour of Agile Adoption and Transformation Models.
  7. Two: foster a new culture within your organization. Big effort, big benefit. Diverse Path to High-performance Culture.
  8. Lack of awareness of culture or leads to widespread failure to get full benefits of Agile. Agile – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
  9. If you want innovation and creativity, then culture matters more than Agile practices. Workshop on Characteristics of High-Performance Organizations.
  10. There are great ways to influence culture for those looking for large benefits. eg. KrisMap: An Organisation’s Persona