Well-Being at Work

The Foundation of High-Performance

Well-being at work is the foundation for creating a culture of high performance. Stress, anxiety, fear, and mental health issues keep people from showing up empowered and engaged. We hire smart people yet create environments where there is a lack of psychological safety and that takes away the ability to access full intelligence.

Our lives are distorted by overstimulation of the nervous system, a reset is needed with powerful integration tools to handle daily and situational experiences. These courses are based on our book Emotional Science and specifically developed for workplace effectiveness.

Find the Workshop That’s Right for You

All workshops are designed with team members & leaders in mind.

① Keep Calm & Carry On: Stress Reduction Workshop

This workshop offering is twofold: experiential and educational. The experiential technique is a gentle breathing process to reset the Vagus nerve that plays a key role in the function of the central nervous system. The technique greatly reduces stress, anxiety, and fear. Participants will experience immediate results of inner peace and calm.

Education includes tools for daily and situational use to actively mitigate stress and nurture the psychological safety of self and others. This includes identification and self-assessment to support ongoing health and well-being through a reduction in the activation of the fight or flight response system.

Keep Calm and Carry On is offered as a series of 3 two hour workshops followed by 1 one hour integration session.

② Meditation for Mental Health

Meditation “How To” is a 3 hour training followed by two 1 hour integration sessions. A Virtual community and free weekly meditations are available for support.

Peace. Calm. Grounded.

Many people are impacted by fear, and anxiety during these uncertain times. Become the calm in the center of the storm. Meditation is now recognized as a valid tool for relieving stress, fear, worry, anxiety, etc. Science has confirmed that daily meditation improves intelligence, resourced inner states and has a powerful effect on physical well-being. 

Learn various methods and tools for developing a daily meditation practice. We have over 50 years of training, certification for teaching and decades of personal experience with meditation. We have cracked the code on what works and what doesn’t. Simple, easy and rapid meditation tools and techniques will be explored. It’s practical, common sense and free of woo-woo. Best of all – anyone can do it.

Learning Topics

  1. Discover Simple Meditations for daily practice. MP3s for easy application

  2. Learn the Benefits, the science and the importance of meditation

  3. Identify the traps of sabotage and unlock success in your life

  4. An attitude of gratitude can shift the culture, show up as your best self

  5. Improve your physical wellbeing and experience emotional and mental clarity

③ CodeBreaking Emotions Training Suite

Understanding how our emotional system works is essential for basic activities such as collaboration and serves as the foundation of psychological safety (the absence of fear). Our view is that this is also our birthright as human beings – we deserve to know how our emotions work and the practical tools to navigate them.

Based on our book, Emotional Science, this course goes beyond the usual misinformation and partial truths taught in many courses on emotional intelligence.

Explore the CodeBreaking Emotions Workshops

Forget all you’ve heard… Be prepared to meet the unexpected within yourself.

E. Ayberk
E. Ayberk
Managing Partner, fifty1

I gained a deeper understanding of how my past has been controlling my present and how to regain control to flip the script on my life.

M. Tielemans
M. Tielemans
Founder, Meraki Marketing

The training is highly valuable. After the session, it all seemed obvious, but the process was insightful and liberating. I realized I was creating the issue.

S. Kinsey
S. Kinsey
General Manager Agile, SAI Global

The takeaway for me was understanding how overreactions to events or circumstances are rooted in past emotional scars and can be acknowledged and explored.  Powerful stuff!

G. Beck
G. Beck
Director of Agile Solutions, Plaster Group LLC

This model is extremely helpful to me as I strive to find constructive ways to deal with my emotions. I strive every day to manage my emotions so that I can better serve others on their journey.  By using this model, I have a deliberate method of processing the myriad emotions that surface while I face challenges with my environment and with other people.

J. Schreuder
J. Schreuder
Principal Agile Consultant, Zenergy Technologies

CodeBreaking Emotions: Introduction (Level 1)

Additional Information: EmotionalScience.com

CodeBreaking Emotions: Introduction is a 3 hour training followed by 2 one hour integration sessions.

We’ve been misinformed or lied to about how our emotions work. Our personal lives and workplaces are hijacked by negative emotions that leave a trail of destruction and damaged relationships. We offer an unprecedented level of emotional literacy to put you in control.

Learn to identify, read, and most importantly regulate emotions. The Get Clear technique allows you to stop the damaging effects of emotions in just 10 minutes. It lets you create a life of stability and peace no matter what is happening around you.

Learning Objectives

  1. Emotional Literacy: identify and assess challenging emotions

  2. Activate Awareness of the mind-body connection governing emotions

  3. Use the 8 step Emotional Freedom System to recover from challenging emotional reactions

  4. Apply the “Get Clear Technique” to clear the root of your emotional charge to be the calm in the midst of any storm

  5. Learn how to get negative emotions out of the way to stop sabotaging yourself and unlock your success

Support & Integration

The integration sessions support participants in establishing a new way of functioning. These sessions allow for questions and solutions to the challenges that arise when applying the tools in daily life.

CodeBreaking Emotions: Advanced Practice & Coaching (Level 2)

CodeBreaking Emotions: Advanced Practice & Coaching is a 6 hour training followed by 4 one hour integration sessions.

The first part of this training is focused on self-mastery of CodeBreaking Emotions. Participants go to a deeper understanding of the internal shifts. Additional models are explored for identifying and diagnosing emotional charges in various aspects of life and work. 

The second part is focused on supporting others who are experiencing emotional challenges. Participants learn the foundation of coaching: to identify and check for their own emotional reactions to situations. Interaction patterns and interventions are explored and practiced. This is the first step to coaching: supporting another person when they are facing an emotional challenge.

Support & Integration

The integration sessions support participants in establishing a new way of functioning. These sessions allow for questions and solutions to the challenges that arise when applying the tools in daily life.

CodeBreaking Emotions: Mastery Program (Level 3)

CodeBreaking Emotions: Mastery Program is a two day hour training followed by 6 x 1.5 hour integration sessions.

Level 3 training is for those that want to use CodeBreaking Emotions to directly help others through coaching or training. Participants are brought to a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the emotional system and its connection with the egoic structures of the mind. Its role as a technology of self-realization is also explored. 

The bulk of the program is around understanding potential challenges that may happen when working with people and how to handle them. Topics include Legal concerns (such as not giving medical advice), positioning of the technology as a self-improvement tool versus clinical application, clarifying when and where to use the tools, and healthy boundaries and when to say no.

Support & Integration

The training is followed by a 6 week integration program. Participants will meet in small peer support groups to allow for feedback and discussion. These will be followed by a large group Q&A with fishbowl coaching.

Learn How to Improve Your Well-Being at Work

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