Someone was asking what tools I use to create the visual notes and mind maps.  Perhaps the most important is to trust myself that whatever I am drawing is OK and will communicate ideas better than plain text.

I use the following supplies from DeSerres art store:

Visual Notes and Mind Mapping Tools

  • I like the Manga markers since they have really nice flow and give sense of grace.
  • The Staedtler fineline is good for adding lots of details and little pictures.
  • You can’t see it here, but the 8.5″ by 11″ sketch pad is perforated so I can tear off the sheets and scan them in.
  • I also sometimes use 11″ by 17″ sheets of paper with a Sharpie FinePoint for big picture thinking.

Visual note taking is a handy skill that I learned in a series of webinars: I only saw parts of this one and most of this one.  This is a good thing to do as a team/group activity.