Here is the way one way to see Innovation Games® (Click for hi-res image).

The diagram came out out Luke Hohmann’s Innovation Games® Master class in September. In my search for order, I decided there were three main categories of innovation games:

  1. Generative – for generating new product ideas
  2. Prioritizing – understanding relative priorities of different features
  3. Understanding Product Use – all about how customers use the product today

In the diagram I have bucketed each game in it’s primary category. The one that resists this classification is Prune the Product Tree which can be very unstructured and generative (participants write features) or highly structured and used for prioritization (features are pre-selected). It all depends on who writes the leaves.

There are also other perspectives for viewing the games. Check out the book for perspectives based on prep time, scalability, etc. Another good resources is this one page summary of all the games.

A big thanks to Luke Hohmann for sharing the images under creative commons license.