I am really excited to have two sessions accepted at Agile 2010 in Orlando. As I am a big fan of pairing to get high quality, I am happy to say these are both pair-designed and will be be pair-led with other great coaches.

The biggest bang for the buck! Strategies to organize & prioritize your backlog – with Gino Marckx is an introductory tutorial and simulation that is part of the Product Management Stage. (Dry run at XPToronto meeting in June)

Look before you leap – Agile readiness assessments done right – with Gerry Kirk is an expert-level workshop that is part of the Agile Adoption Stage. (Dry run at Agile Coach Camp Canada) Check out the program links for more details.

I would like to thank everyone who provided input on the draft sessions in the wave, as well as the comments from reviewers. Oh, yeah, and a big thanks to Gino and Gerry for partnering with me on this.

BTW, there is no official Agile 2010 Speaker logo that I am aware of – I made up the one above 🙂