Incentives and rewards are harmful to tasks that involve creativity.  They bigger the reward, the more harmful.  This is a must-watch video. Many thanks to Yves for posting this is on his blog.

There is a mismatch between what science knows and what businesses does.  Incentives are only helpful for a small range of simple challenges where there is no requirement for creativity.

Maybe this is why I have done my best to ignore bonus plans and just do the right thing…

Daniel suggest 3 basic element that can unleash productivity:

  1. Autonomy – Agile translation: self-organizing team.  Lean translation: Independent teams, Leadership by A3
  2. Mastery – Agile translation: Retrospectives, Pairing, Craftmanship.  Lean translation: Mentorship, Quality
  3. Purpose – Agile translation: Connection with business and working software.  Lean translation: Focus on Value

This fits very well with the mental outlook I use to help companies excel.

In the Agile space, David Harvey’s blog discusses Alfie Kohn’s book on this subject and comes to similar conclusions.

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New sketch-video is very cool. It has a better overview; original is still better on the science part.