As part of my investigation of high-performance organizational culture, I share the results of an interview with Traci Fenton from WorldBlu . Her motto is “Freedom at Work”. I have been an individual member for a few months since I believe WorldBlu is largely aligned with what I have seen work in the Agile space for building high-performance culture.

WorldBlu Persona: Sky is Centered and Balanced

The interview question is based on the KrisMap workshop and is brilliantly simple:

If you expressed the culture of a typical WorldBlu member organization as a person, what would she be like?

Traci describes what she sees in a “freedom-centered company” named Sky:

  • Strong sense of self-worth
  • Strong sense of self-trust
  • Deeply interested in other people
  • Authentic
  • Aware of fears, but not limited
  • Spiritually minded
  • Global perspective
  • Understands the oneness (interconnectedness) of life
  • Major butt kicker (in a good way); she’s got grit
  • Gentle, but powerful
  • Patient, but never satisfied
  • Calm, but passionate
  • Core of what motivates her is love

Some Observations

I notice there are some commonalities and differences with Agile profiles. I share this as a way of sensing energy and direction, not as a binary statement of what is or is not included in the cultural perspectives. Further, I make these observations as sense-making and not out of seeking a “best”. All perspectives add value. In common, I see:

  • Values other people
  • Values self
  • Focussed
  • Purposeful

Greater emphasis in WorldBlu persona:

  • Global perspective
  • Connection between work and life

Greater emphasis in Agile:

  • Curious
  • Learning


I would like to thank Traci Fenton for taking the time to speak with me at CultureCon Philadelphia and share her perspective of WorldBlu. I would like to thanks Olaf Lewitz for co-creating the KrisMap Persona workshop.