Leading Evolutionary Organizations Masterclass

(Certified Agile Leadership – CAL2)

SELF Framework Level 2 Training

Leading Evolutionary Organizations –  CAL2 Experience

Our CAL2 is a deep dive into the concepts and tools of the SELF Framework. Continue the journey with Playbook 2.0 for alignment, practical role-playing, and organizational listening, and advanced leadership skills.

Why you want to be here:

  • Increase your effectiveness on your personal and professional life

  • Achieve results faster

  • Use SELF Framework tools to look really smart

  • Journey together with other Evolutionary Leaders

  • Create rapid alignment and results that stick.

What You Will Experience

CAL2 Course Overview

Learn more about our advanced CAL2 course, directly from Michael K & Audree Tara Sahota.

In this overview video, the founders of Evolve2B explain what it takes to move past the blocks preventing you from achieving truly evolutionary leadership.

Evolve2B CAL2 is a 6 Month Program

Start with a 3 Day Training

The CAL2 Programs is kicked off with a 3 day LIVE in-person training to learn the next layer of the SELF Framework.

Peer Review Sessions (over 6 months)

You will meet in small peer groups over 6 months to support each other in learning. You will present your work and provide peer review feedback to each other.

Monthly Integration Calls

Live coaching and mentoring with Michael. Monthly integration calls provide ongoing learning and guidance for successful application of the SELF Framework.

Large Group Review

A half-day online meeting to review and integrate learning at the end of 6-8 months. Each participant will present their understanding and application of the CAL content for review and certification.

Full Duration: approx. 6-8 months. (3 day training followed by ~6 months of group calls).

“This week my company launched a new network in Italy with two of the biggest online gaming companies in the world. Getting through the regulatory bodies was a grind and I knew it would be our most challenging release to date. Under extreme pressure, we got the performance of a lifetime out of the two teams assigned to launch this network. We basically just got out of the way and let the team shine. We have been getting congratulatory emails all day from members of the board, my CEO, CTO, COO, etc… Wouldn’t have happened without my 5 days in CAL. Wanted to share with you how appreciative I am.”

N. Shulman
Director of Agile Product Management at Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc.

“CAL1 & CAL2 helped to shape and organise my thinking around a new way of running organisations; a more caring, compassionate and emancipatory approach which I found to be truly inspiring. It also gave me space and confidence to deeply reflect on my impact and how I show up. Since CAL I’ve taken the message back to my organisation and to my great excitement have found the it resonating widely. We are in the process of dissolving our hierarchy and exploring new methods of decision making, adapting our organisational structure to this brave new world.”

T. Holliss
Product & Development Director at ZappiStore

“Don’t think it. Do it. You can’t explain the course to anyone who has not done it. Just do it.”

S. Smith

“Personal rollercoaster ride: Opens up your eyes, challenges & changes your current believes in a very effective & efficient way. Audree & Michael facilitate & steer these sessions in a very unique way!”

M. Feller
Head Agile Delivery & Transformation

“My recent virtual CAL2 experience with Michael and Audree was fantastic. It was like no other leadership training I’ve ever taken. Their command of the content, clear delivery and unconventional technologies kept us all off balance and growing. Forget the Agile mindset. This experience is light years beyond that!”

F. Leong
Agile Transformation Consultant

“Taking CAL2 will not only make you a better change agent, it will change your being.”

R. Rogers
IT Project Manager at City of Naperville

“This was the most intense workshop that I’ve ever been to.  Mind-blowing.”

G. Koehle

“I thought CAL 2 would be an evolution of techniques and methods, but it is much more, a dive into myself to reveal what is really preventing success.”

M. Patel
Agile Transformation Consultant

Course Outcome

  • Daily tactics for how to “Listen to the voice of the system” to know how to move a system forward.

  • The Sahota CAL 2 Playbook with step by step for how to assess and create alignment.

  • Rapid evolution tools to accelerate your leadership journey.

  • Emotional Science to overcome emotional hijacking and triggered responses.

  • Detailed practice with crucial conversations to deal with challenged individuals.

  • Clearing of leadership blocks when working with authority.

  • Certified Agile Leader Certification (CAL) designation from the Scrum Alliance

  • Evolve with a community of participants from around the world

Course Pre-Requisities

Course Prerequisites: As our course builds on our earlier course, attendance in Michael K Sahota’s CAL1 is highly recommended. See F.A.Q. for additional Details.

Certification will be granted to participants who:

  • Prepare for and participate in peer-review sessions.

  • Participate in monthly integration calls.

  • Pass peer and instructor assessment on final ½ day review meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am ready for CAL 2?

  1. You want to grow through your leadership limitations to show up more as the leader you want to be.
  2. You are putting what you learned in CAL1 in practice and are ready for more. 
  3. You want to learn more practical details – the step-by-step “how to” of operating the material in the Sahota CAL1.

What if I took CAL 1 from another Instructor?

Each CAL is as unique as the instructor. Michael K Sahota provides a unique CAL1 experience based on the SHIFT3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework™ (SELF).

We build on unique information shared only in the Sahota CAL1. As a result, all CAL2 participants are strongly recommended to complete Michael Sahota’s CAL1.

If you have already taken a CAL1 with another instructor, we would be happy to offer you a heavily discounted seat to reflect your commitment to learning and growth.

Another alternative is to complete the workbook companion of Leading Beyond Change.

Not sure? Contact us.

Should I take a CAL1 refresher before taking CAL 2?

If it’s been a while since you had taken your CAL1 here is some information for you to consider if you’d like to take a CAL1 refresher before moving forward and taking a CAL2.

The CAL1 we are teaching is evolving at a rapid rate. Every time we teach a CAL, we take a CAL.

Furthermore, the CAL was completely reimagined around Leading Beyond Change in 2023. Here are some of the key reasons that we encourage graduates to join us in a “modern” CAL1:

  1. 70% of the information in a modern CAL is new compared to pre-2023 editions.
  2. Some of the information in a modern CAL represents a significant evolution beyond Leading Beyond Change.

Here are some key evolutions:

  • Introduction of the Sahota Playbook for High-Performance (Jan 2017)
  • Playbook refinement & clarity (Spring 2017)
  • Linking Sahota Culture Model to Agile Culture (Fall 2017)
  • Inter-weave of complexity model to culture models (Spring 2018)
  • Addition of Agenda (Self-Sabotage) (Spring 2018)
  • New Playbook Step – Relationship Health (Fall 2018)
  • Integration of Theory X-Y with Leadership Behaviour (Fall 2018)
  • Enabling “Autonomous, Self-Organizing Teams” (Spring 2019)
  • New Playbook Step – “Tactical Go”. (Summer 2019)
  • Upgrade to Evolutionary Leadership (Fall 2020)
  • Integration with SELF Maps, Models, Tools and Principles (Spring 2021)
  • Addition of Organisational Change Readiness Model (Summer 2021)
  • Complete re-imagination of the training based on Leading Beyond Change and new information (Jan 2023)

If you would like some guidance, please reach out to use directly.

How soon after CAL 1 can I take CAL 2?

Many people report our CAL-E & CAL-O (formerly CAL1) as a transformational experience. It is an intense shift in perception and a powerful exploration of our own personal limitations. Our CAL2 is an even more intensive personal growth experience.

They can be taken back to back. And this is only recommended for people who are ready and seeking serious personal development.

Where possible, we suggest taking 3-6 months between CAL-E & CAL-O (formerly CAL1) & CAL2. We offer CAL2’s on an annual basis around the world.

Not sure? Contact us.

Why do you recommend 3-6 months between taking CAL 1 and CAL 2?

Our CAL1 course is an intense two day experience. Our CAL2 experience is an even deeper exploration into your leadership journey and very practical application of the CAL1 material.

Taking time between the two CALs allows you time to implement your learning and understanding from CAL1, to help you better identify challenge areas.

Many people report benefits in taking time to integrate and apply the information.

Isn't it easier to take CAL 1 and CAL 2 at the same time since the material will be fresh?

Much like anything the experience is different for different individuals. On the one hand, our CAL2 Masterclass is very beneficial to reinforce and integrate our CAL1 by going deeper into the concepts and connecting with application in a variety of perspectives.

Many people describe our CAL1 as “Enlightening” and “Life-Changing”. Our CAL2 is even more so. Take a moment to consider how ready you are to be deeply challenged around your beliefs about how you personally show up.

If you are ready to be deeply challenged, and your desire for personal growth is a 9 or 10 out of 10, then taking these back to back will be perfect for you.

What Scrum Alliance credentials are required to take the Sahota cal2?

Attendance and active certification in CAL1 certification.

Have others taken CAL 1 & CAL 2 together and have gotten successful results?

Yes. We have had several students take the CAL1 & CAL2 in succession of one another, with tremendous results and having a fantastic experience to continue to learn and grow from.

Is there a discount if you take CAL 1 and CAL 2 together?

Yes. We do offer a discount if you choose to register for CAL1 & CAL2 together when they are offered in the same week at the same location.

What if I cannot participate in the Peer Review sessions?

To get certified you must fully participate in the peer review sessions. This is a time where you will learn from your peers, share experiences and network. Certification of CAL 2 through the Scrum Alliance will depend on full participation, and positive peer review. Please allow for a 6 month process for the complete CAL 2.

You are welcome to attend the training to get the knowledge without going through the peer certification process. Course fee is the same.

How do I arrange my travels?

This course is a very intense process where the participant will need time for integration. It will be advised to stay on site or close to the course location. To receive the most out of your course; arrive early on the first day of the course, stay on site and book flights for the following morning after the course is over.

What comes after CAL 2?

The Academy of Evolutionary Leadership is the next step after CAL2.

What is the breakdown of PDUs?

This training provides 50 SEUs in support of the Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), and 50 PDUs in support of certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, including the PMI­ACP as well as the PMP certification. You can claim 20 PDUs as strategic and 30 PDUs as leadership.

Upcoming Training – Live In-Person

Not seeing your location and format (virtual vs in-person), then send us an email to let us know!

Leading Evolutionary Organizations Masterclass (CAL2) - VIRTUAL - North America & Europe September 23, 2024 - September 25, 2024

Leading Evolutionary Organizations Masterclass (CAL2) – VIRTUAL – North America & Europe

Michael Sahota, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Author

Michael K. Sahota

Scrum Alliance Certification Logos

Certified Enterprise Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Culture and Leadership Expert.

Michael K Sahota has transformed personal challenges into a beacon of transformative leadership, embodying the journey every leader can undertake towards mastery and growth. As the architect of the Shift3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework™ (SELF), he offers a pioneering approach that integrates strategy, culture, and leadership, guiding those intent on achieving holistic success.

His insightful literary contributions, such as “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide”, “Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance”, and “Leading Beyond Change”, are renowned for their blend of leadership wisdom and emotional intelligence. These works provide leaders with both clarity and actionable solutions to pressing challenges.

In training and consulting, Michael’s impact extends far beyond mere knowledge transfer. Delving deep into the intricacies of the human ego, he equips leaders with transformative tools, fulfilling his mission to ignite the flame of evolutionary leadership, with ripple effects promising global change.

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