I created the painting below almost two years ago to reflect the pain, frustration and disconnection I felt as an Agile consultant when working with a large organization. At the time I thought of Agile as a coherent system of energy – waves of light – illustrated by the yellow lines in the top left. Along with other coaches, we thought the organization was chaotic or complex as defined by the Cynefin framework. The organization is illustrated by blue structure. The severe difficulty we had working with it is expressed as a swirling mess of green. In hindsight it is clear to me that the mess of interactions was the result of the incompatible culture and thought systems between the coaches and the client organization. I suspect the client may have had the opposite perception: that they had a coherent and understandable structure while we Agile coaches seemed chaotic. Future success relies on understanding these differences in perspective due to culture and other dimensions. To help others avoid pain and waste, I wrote An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture Consider reading it to learn from my failures and to avoid creating your own. This painting was one of the candidates for the cover art.