Agile Tour Toronto 2009 is over and it was an outstanding success! There were 150+ participants, 17 great speakers and lot’s of learning and sharing.  It is really great to see all of our efforts as organizers come together in an amazing conference.

On a personal note, I met lot’s of new people and had a number of interesting discussions and exchange of ideas. We are definitely going to do something for next year and make this an annual event to grow Agile in the Toronto area.

All the presentations will be appearing at DZone over the next several months.  To cover this gap, we are going to publish whatever slides we can directly on our website.  Mine are here: A Gentle Introduction to Agile and Agile Executive Briefing.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a big success.

Partner Workshops

On Monday and Wednesday, I had the privilege of training together with Yves Hanoulle to run two Agile workshops: KickStart (XP) and Games Day.  It was a great experience for me and for the participants.  Pairing works.  Even for training and coaching.  Who knew?  Yves, i guess 😉 So, now I am actively looking to pair with other trainers/coaches.