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Here is a summary of the games landscape.

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Games Landscape and Importance of Play – Keynote

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Keynote Take-Aways – What people said


  • Play helps us get into the state of flow. The opposite of play as depression.
  • When the going gets tough, get playing
  • Games as a way of learning & using games to learn
  • 1) Games->flow->happiness 2)games->happiness
  • Celebrate imperfection
  • Courage to play games ‘!’
  • You need a safe environment to promote play.


  • Thinking about building play skills
  • Look for more ways to gameify work
  • Figure out more opportunities to play for work
  • Trying to instill a more relaxed atmosphere by getting a little more playful attitude
  • Look into Lego Serious Play
  • Find ways to make my work more like playing. Increase the amount of play in my life. Think about what I liked to do when I played as a child and bring that back.
  • Our teams don’t play enough games, it’s important to introduce more!
  • There were some games from Tasty Cupcakes I would like to try with my team
  • Read/watch Brene Brown talk/book about shame