Want increased success with your Agile Transformation? Here are the 10 most important Navigation Secrets for Execs and Coaches. In this post, I share key lessons I have learn over years of industry experience. This presentation came out of a webinar I ran with Maria Matarelli to help generate interest in execs and coaches for my upcoming Certified Agile Leadership Training.

10 Secrets of Navigation

I have worked hard to boil years of learning into the key actions. Enjoy!

  1. Clarify Purpose by asking “Why?”
  2. Focus on Org Goals, not “Agile”
  3. Increase Safety for Leaders
  4. Increase Awareness of Organizational Context
  5. Increase Awareness of Global Context
  6. Clarify Focus of Initiative
  7. Honour Leader’s Freedom to Choose
  8. Build a Shared Understanding of What Culture Is
  9. Clarify Leader’s Role in Transformation
  10. YOU Are the Limit for Transformation
  11. (Bonus) Growth Can Start Anywhere

These collectively may be thought of as a playbook or set of patterns that I have seen emerge with successful Agile transformations. But remember, every situation is different it’s important to adapt and fit to your context.

Slides – 10 Secrets of Agile Transformation

http://www.slideshare.net/michael.sahota/10-secrets-of-agile-transformation Low Levels of Organizational Awareness

Poll: 50% of Organizations Have a Low Level of Awareness

One very interesting result from a poll is that the level of organizational awareness of how things are actually working is not in very good shape. Surprisingly, a whopping 50% reported Low and 30% reported Average. My conclusion is that org awareness is a key inhibitor for inviting transformation. Webinar

Where Can I Watch The Webinar?

You can watch the replay of the webinar here.

Where Can I Learn More?

Some of this material is written up in my blog. Many of the slides have links to full articles explaining the concepts so you can learn more that way. The best way to really understand this stuff is to spend time learning with me. Please join me in a Certified Agile Leadership Training class.  This is a new program by the Scrum Alliance designed to help execs and coaches learn the essentials of navigating Agile transformation and fostering and Agile organization.